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7 Nguyễn Chí Thanh, P.9, Q.5, TP HCM
150 - 300 người
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Chocolate Graphics is committed to becoming the recognised international market leader in the area of personalised chocolate.

Appointed in 37 countries including Australia, Bahrain, Chile, Costa Rica, Greece, Japan, Kuwait, Lebanon, the Caribbean groups, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, QAtar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Southern India, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), United Kingdom, etc. Chocolate Graphics is setting ITs sights on developing new territories.

Maple Leaf Co., Ltd. is proud to be the first company in Vietnam that is licensed to produce and introduce to Vietnamese Chocolate Graphics international brand. We are also the one who distributes exclusively the high-class chocolate ingredients brand in Belgium, France... to 4,5 stars-level Hotel, Restaurant and Company in Vietnam. According to our upcoming development, we would like to recruit the capable candidates in Sales Department as following requirements.

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