IMV Jsc,.

IMV Jsc,.

Địa chỉ: 87 Hoang Van Thai Street, Phu My Hung, Tan Phu Ward, District 7

Quy mô công ty: Từ 100 - 499 nhân viên


International Minh Viet Joint Stock Company (IMV) is a company specialized in manufacturing, trading and distributing international brands as Fujifilm (imaging), Pigeon (mother & baby care), Astalift (cosmetic) along with domestic brands as Kaila (cosmetics for young women).

\"For over 20 years, IMV has successfully established a strong collaboration with some world class companies to distribute and deliver the world class product to our customers all across Vietnam.

Fujifilm is our main business partner in printing photo imaging business. Together, we have the same commitment to do our best effort to develop and support the market. We will ensure that our finest quality of Photographic products – from Advance Digital Photo Printing machine to color photo paper and chemical – will be able to fulfill the market demand.

The same strategy is also applied to our range of Fujifilm Graphic Arts products – film and plates – which will be the best choice for printing industry in Vietnam. IT is proved by the fact that IMV continues to provide new products for films and plates from the support of advanced technology from Fujifilm R&D department in the region.

For fast moving consumer goods, Pigeon is definitely the best choice for every young mother for their baby care products. The world class high quality products of Pigeon is the assurance that IMV only deliver the best product for every Vietnam mother and baby.

Furthermore, with these recent years, IMV has also started stepping into the Medical Field with some certain achievement so far to prove that IMV is always foreseeing the business opportunity to grow as a leading international company in Vietnam. Specifically, IMV now is an official distributor for Fujifilm ultrasound with Sonosite brand from USA, distributor for Hitachi ultrasound with Hitachi-Aloka brand from Japan and is also developing Intro Visio Diagnosis (IVD) field by co-operating with Roche Vietnam.

The growth of our business has been backed up by our high output and efficient manufacturing facility in Cu Chi district in Ho Chi Minh City. With this facility, we can ensure the constant supply or Fujifilm photographic products and Pigeon Baby products.

After 20 years, IMV will keep the restless effort to improve and deliver better service and products to Vietnam market in the future. We hope to grow together in Vietnam, with Vietnam and for Vietnam.\"

Moreover, IMV is a sole distributor in Vietnam about digital printing of Fuji Xerox, industrial equipments for printing and packaging of Ryobi and postpress equipments of Hoziron, etc.
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